“I am” Poem 

I am kid sister student skier teamate

I am Mammoth, snows and tree’s skiing with the team

I am pink like the hearts everywhere

I am faithful with trust and care

I am chocolatey like a chocolate rose

I am curly with my blond, curly hair

I am cute with my cool sense of style

I am athletic from skiing and soccer

I am musician for singing and the piano

I am peaceful with patient


My Best Qualities 

One of my best qualities is being happy even when things don’t go my way. For example, when I fall in a ski race I like to just get back up and look ahead to see what’s to come. Being happy makes people around you more cheerful. Also, when you are joyful people want to be around you more often. It is important to be happy if you want to have an excellent life.


I am From

     The theme of a novel is often expressed through lessons the protagonists learn. In The Giver, Jonas learns that life isn’t only know and only him. Jonas learns that life includes before and after which form a river of life. The theme of The Giver is that life is like a river. We form the river and as we change the river turns. Like Jonas, I have realized that my life is like a river too because I am like all those before me.

I am from Holland and Norway by my family.  I am from Christianity and the Jewish religion. I am from television production and a lawyer who care for me dearly. I am from Dad’s Root beer by my grandpa, Gerry, who helped developed it. I am from a huge farm in Iowa with my grandparents. I am a family who drives up to Mammoth every weekend to ski. I am a little sister who gets picked on by my older sisters. I am a reader of the Hunger Games. I will continue to visit and help my family. I will proceed to be a teacher from my grandma.


My Interests

Somethings that I like to do include competitive skiing, baking, taking photos, and hanging out with my friends and family. I love skiing because I have been skiing for a while. Every time I get out on the snow I feel happy and ready to race. I like baking because when you are done making it you can eat it. At school, I was taking a photography class, I learned how to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of the world. Hanging out with my friends and family always makes me happy, whenever I am sad they make me feel better. Friends and family are always there for you through thick and thin.

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