Week 10 Blogging Challenge

For the week 10 blogging challenge I asked Natalie to look through my blog. I asked her some questions about my blog. The first question was what her first impression of my blog was. Natalie said that my blog is very colorful and clean. Then I asked her what captured her attention and she said that the links and the pictured “for sure” caught her eye. She said that all the different shades of purple distracted her the most. The last question was what suggestions she could give me to improve my blog. She said a more interesting side bar that makes it easier to find previous posts. The week 10 blogging challenge was one of my favorites so far mostly because I get to ask Natalie to look through my blog and give suggestions and compliments.


Week 9 Challenge

For the week nine challenge I visited Liana and Lozza’s blog. One nice thing about their blog is that they had pictures. With pictures it makes you want to read and see what the picture is about. Another blog I thought was nice is Megan’s blog because it was all organized. If your blog isn’t organized then people wouldn’t want to read the blog post. People would have to search to find what they are looking for and then they will loose patients. Lastly, Siabhaon’s blog was also really good and interesting. One thing amazing about her blog was that she had all different colors and pictures. She didn’t go over bored with the colors or picture, she had the right amount. Everyone should check these blogs out and all the blogs I have seen so far have been really good. I hope everyone keeps the good work up! 🙂




Add Pictures to Blogs?

It is nice to post pictures but only if they are appropriate pictures. Pictures catch your eye and get your attention. Also, if you add pictures to blogs it makes other people want to read the whole blog. The pictures make suspense and makes people want to know what the blog is about. Posting pictures can also be bad if you post a bad picture! It isn’t good to add bad pictures because something that you post on the internet can never be erased! When you are applying for a job or college they will look you up on the internet and not accept you because of the picture. There are bad and good things to everything including posting pictures!

My Spring Break

For my Spring Break I went to Tahoe, Colorado, and Mammoth! When I was in Tahoe I skied and had three huge races called championships. They were the final races for this season at a mountain called Northstar! Also, my mom was excited to be at Northstar because soon we are going to start to build a house there. In Colorado, two of my sisters had competitions for skier cross, half pipe, and slope style at Copper Mountain. It was fun going to Colorado because I love skiing and I got to ski and a new mountain! Lastly, in Mammoth I got to ski with my team and train for next year!



Northstar Picture: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/photos/uncategorized/2009/02/09/northstar1.jpg
Copper Picture: http://www.so-gnar.com/2011/11/so-gnar-crew-kills-it-at-copper-mountain/
Mammoth Picture:  http://www-personal.umich.edu/~jensenl/visuals/album/2006/mammoth/


For week four I am researching how to protect animals from extinction. My whole class are researching other things including, Kony 2012 and Charity for Water. One organization that helps with the animals is WWF. WWF stands for “World Wildlife Fund” and has been helping for fifty years! Some other things that the WWF works for are changing business, conserve places, tackle climate change, work with communities, and develop science bases solutions. Although they help with other things their main goal is to help animals. One of their main animals that they protect are Panda Bears because they are in danger of becoming extinct. Some ways we could help with WWF is by spreading the word. We could also help by making fun by a bake sale. With that money you could give it to them to help.I found these facts on WWF’s website. We can make a difference. Are you going to help and if you are how?

Here is a presentation that I made to go along with WWF:

Here is a picture of their logo below:

My Interests

My Interests

Somethings that I like to do include competitive skiing, baking, taking photos, and hanging out with my friends and family. I love skiing because I have been skiing for a while. Every time I get out on the snow I feel happy and ready to race. I like baking because when you are done making it you can eat it. At school, I was taking a photography class, I learned how to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of the world. Hanging out with my friends and family always makes me happy, whenever I am sad they make me feel better. Friends and family are always there for you through thick and thin.

Early Hebrew Song

Recently in History class we made a song about Early Hebrew’s. I made it with two of my friends, Ashley and Cate, and we recorded it on Garage Band. The lyrics and song are below.

Abraham and Sarah sitting in a tree

Living in Ur – Mesopotamia

Father of Hebrews

Sarah wants a son

God told them to go to Canaan

To be a father of a nation


Stars and sand represent children

Isaac, Ismael great conflict

Jacob had twelve sons

Joseph, favorite sold to be a slave

Gave hard work

Thrown in a dungeon for somethin’ not done

Reads the dreams then becomes number one

Famines happen and family comes

Tells the family he is the other son

The family becomes an Isrealite

The King gets mad

Gives an order

To kill all boys under 2

Not cool

So he kills the kids

Bo hoo

But the very smart girl

Puts the baby in the basket

And sends him away

Princess finds him

Calls him Moses

Grew up in royalty but still with his mom

He sees a man getting wipped

Fights the guard

And runs away

Becomes a shepherd with his wife

Sees a burnin’ bush

Goes to save the Isrealites

Chapters happen

And eventually the Israelites won



And then came David

Who had to fight a big mighty man

With just a sling-shot and some rocks

With the sling-shot it went round and round

And hit Goliath in the head

He was hero for ever ever a a a



The Macabees established a nation and revolted


Rome was taken over in 63bc

Jews allowed continuing lifestyle, made advancesHistory song



My Blog Avatar

For my blog avatar I made an Adventure Maker. My Aventure Maker is below. I also made a voki of me! Please continue to visit my blog! If you combined the two they look like them. The Adventure Maker didn’t have my color hair but the voki did! I also where pink and black shirts a lot.

I am from California but go to Mammoth every weekend. My hobbies are skiing, soccer, baking, and taking pictures! I somehow have enough time to do that with school!

Adventure Maker:                                                                        Voki:

Click here to see my voki…