Early Hebrew Song

Recently in History class we made a song about Early Hebrew’s. I made it with two of my friends, Ashley and Cate, and we recorded it on Garage Band. The lyrics and song are below.

Abraham and Sarah sitting in a tree

Living in Ur – Mesopotamia

Father of Hebrews

Sarah wants a son

God told them to go to Canaan

To be a father of a nation


Stars and sand represent children

Isaac, Ismael great conflict

Jacob had twelve sons

Joseph, favorite sold to be a slave

Gave hard work

Thrown in a dungeon for somethin’ not done

Reads the dreams then becomes number one

Famines happen and family comes

Tells the family he is the other son

The family becomes an Isrealite

The King gets mad

Gives an order

To kill all boys under 2

Not cool

So he kills the kids

Bo hoo

But the very smart girl

Puts the baby in the basket

And sends him away

Princess finds him

Calls him Moses

Grew up in royalty but still with his mom

He sees a man getting wipped

Fights the guard

And runs away

Becomes a shepherd with his wife

Sees a burnin’ bush

Goes to save the Isrealites

Chapters happen

And eventually the Israelites won



And then came David

Who had to fight a big mighty man

With just a sling-shot and some rocks

With the sling-shot it went round and round

And hit Goliath in the head

He was hero for ever ever a a a



The Macabees established a nation and revolted


Rome was taken over in 63bc

Jews allowed continuing lifestyle, made advancesHistory song